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How to Care for Your Garden This Summer

Garden Design Specialist Shares Maintenance Tips This Summer

Summer is here! This season is a treat for your garden. But as the days get warmer and warmer, proper maintenance is necessary. Whether it’s pest inspection or other garden care projects, you can ask a garden design specialist to help you with these. But if you caught the DIY bug long ago, here are some summertime tips to take care of your garden:


Well, many of us have heard of lawn trimming, but have you ever considered trimming a garden as well? If you are like most, didn’t consider this. It’s true that plants, even flowers, should grow; however, it’s unhealthy if you just leave dead leaves of plants lying around. These herald diseases which can further damage your garden. For this reason, work with a garden service expert to tackle trimming or pruning.


Another step in taking care of your garden during summer is keeping the soil healthy. Applying fertilization to your garden’s soil gives your plants ample nutrients that support growth, hinders pests and diseases, and makes them more beautiful. Always remember that there are different types of fertilizers; hence, be sure to check with a garden designer to ensure you’re using the right products.


The most simple yet effective care you can give to your garden this summer season is a drink. No! Don’t pour just any liquid drink; pour water! Since humidity is high during this season, fungi may grow due to excess moisture. You don’t want your garden to subject to be dried up because of fungi. Also, don’t just spray water, pour some to the soil as well to ensure your garden plants are well-saturated.

Use these tips to take care of your garden during this warm and hot summer. However, if you don’t have ample time or lack the knowledge for it, working with a reliable garden design specialist is a wise choice. In Lakewood, CO, Sam's Landscaping is the landscaper you can turn to. We provide top-quality, reasonable gardening services to those in the area. So, feel free to call us at (303) 669-4000 today!

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