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Creating a Sustainable Landscape for Your Home

Landscape Designer Shares Some Tips for Landscaping

Many residents presume that landscaping ends after creating an exquisite outdoor space; it doesn’t stop there! After working with a landscape designer to install an ideal garden, maintaining it is paramount. However, as most find this difficult, before you start digging holes for your outdoor design, talk with your landscaper on ways to create a sustainable landscape. You can start with the following:

Choosing native plants

Native plants are suited to your region’s soil and climate. Since native plants are able to adapt whatever the season in the locality is, you’ll have fewer worries with supervision and maintenance, particularly when it comes to fertilizing the soil and watering the plants. Be sure to talk with a landscape contractor on what the right native plants are best for your space and style.

Use the resources you have

A complete outdoor space makeover is, in no doubt, costly. From purchasing landscaping materials like stone or concrete, the right tools for the job, to plants for your garden, these will require a substantial amount. However, since you want to save and easily maintain your landscape, you’re likely to find other options. On that note, go with a subtle and natural theme with what you have! From warm brown and grayish stones to native plants, work with a landscape designer to help implement a space that’s both affordable to have and functional and effective.

Implement an irrigation system

The best way to sustain flowers, grass, and other plants in your landscape is by installing an irrigation system. Irrigation is the application of water in a controlled manner. Artificial canals, ditches, sprinklers, etc. can be constructed so you will have fewer worries when it comes to limiting and providing water to your landscape.

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